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Top 10 Email Marketing Techniques You Need to Know Tips 

Top 10 Email Marketing Techniques You Need to Know

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. As this features a higher conversion rate, email marketing is also a powerful medium to promote your products and services. You need to apply the best practices to get the best possible results. Here are the most essential email marketing principles you should know.

  1. Make Subscribing Easy: The first step is to make the subscription process easy. You should place the option form on prominent places like the sidebar, home page, blog etc. Offer an enticing gift in exchange for subscribing to your email list.
  2. Set the Expectation: You should make it clear what your subscribers can expect from you. It should be clear whether you want to send business updates, personal messages, deals, tips or other types of content. Make it clear in the option form and you will never have to worry about people unsubscripted.
  3. Send a Welcome Email: It is wise to send a welcome email to the new subscribers. Most people expect an email as soon as they sign up to a newsletter. This email should include the subscriber benefits and help them set the expectation.
  4. Use Scan-friendly Format: Everybody is busy. They have the time to read your email line by line. Therefore, it is a good idea to make the emails scannable. Break up your paragraphs into short blocks of text and use variations.
  5. Send Useful Content: You should always send relevant and useful content to your subscribers. While it is okay to do some marketing once in a while, never consider these emails as your primary marketing method. Provide value to your subscribers and they will trust your recommendations.
  6. Maintain a Routine: Every email marketing campaign should follow a specific time-line. While you can start with a basic one, you can always update the time-line as you get more data about your subscribers. If possible, share your plan in the welcome email.
  7. Test the Messages: As there are various email clients and devices, you never know how your emails will actually look. You can test the messages by sending those emails to colleagues or friends and find out how they look.
  8. Remember Mobile Devices: We have come to a point where mobile devices are as important as computers and laptops. Therefore, you need to make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly and follows the best practices for mobile user experience.
  9. Don’t Forget the Spam Rules: It won’t do you any good if your emails end up in the spam folder of your subscribers. Remain updated about the latest techniques to beat spams and apply those rules in your emails.
  10. Mind the Statistics: All the popular email marketing systems provide detail statistics about the overall performance of your email marketing campaign. You should know how to read these reports and make sure the results are getting better over time.

Concluding Remarks

When used properly, email marketing can easily become one of your most effective marketing channels. This article introduced you to the best practices. Now it’s your turn to apply them and reap the benefits.

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