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Slower phone! Here’s what you can do Mobile Tech 

Slower phone! Here’s what you can do

The mobile phone has become the daily companion for people. The daily driver that someone is carrying should be fast and smooth. Today’s mobile phones follow the same procedure of a computer. It has a processor, RAM, a storage and some other things. In order to get the top level performance from the mobile phone over the years, the user should regularly maintain the software of the device. Almost all the upcoming mobiles 2017 will have the maintenance procedures to serve the customers with a top level of performances matching with the budget of the phone. However, there are some tips that can be helpful to get the best performance from a device which is a bit older according to the present market standards. This tips will help a user to get the 100% of his/her phone.

Maintenance Updates: The vendors sends regular updates for a mobile phone to keep the phone stable. The updates also secure the phone from newer threats. A user should update the phone to get the best performance from the phone. Updates fix the bug in the current software version and give a smoother feel. However, with time the vendor post ponds the update for a phone which becomes obsolete with time. Then the user should try things manually.

Clearing Cache: Clearing cache regularly is another effective idea to get the phone working efficiently. Apps stores cache data to run things smoothly. But after the task has done, the cache remains undeleted. So deleting the cache manually is a good option. Or there are third party apps that can help to do this task.


Removal of unnecessary apps: Having unnecessary apps is another reason for the mobile getting slower. Unnecessary apps give the mobile extra loads and that hampers the performance. The phone might be able to run everything on the time it was purchased, but with time it gets slower. And the apps are getting bigger with time. The newer apps take much more memories than before. So removal of unnecessary apps can unload the extra pressures and give a better performance.

Avoiding live/animated wallpapers: Live wallpapers always look cool. They feel good to touch and the reactions seem amazing. But the memory usage by these type of software is also should be considered. The live wallpapers always consume a lot of memory and hamper the performance. So to get the best performance, everyone should avoid using live wallpapers if the phone is aged.

Ram clean-up: There are a lot of mobile phones that has default RAM cleaning option. However, if the user needs to do it and there is no default RAM cleaning feature, there are third party apps that can be helpful.

Closing background apps: Background apps are usually run by the operating system of the phone to run the basic interface. But there are other apps that also run in the background and hampers performance. So force closing these applications will improve the performance.

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